Whether you want to meet the increasing demands of your growing family or add resale value to your home, many homeowners in Naples, FL, consider room additions as the go-to-choice. As room addition contractors, CGU Homes works with precision and expertise and is quick and efficient at bringing our clients’ dreams to life.

Room Addition Contractors in Naples, FLAs Florida-licensed general contractors and the residential construction division of Connor & Gaskins Unlimited, CGU Homes has built and remodeled condominiums and homes in Southwest Florida’s most prestigious communities since 2011.

If the primary goal of your remodeling project is to maximize your return on investment, consider speaking to a few realtors in your area to understand which additions are valued by buyers more than others.

Let’s look at some popular luxury home additions that can breathe life and extra apace into your home.

Add a Chef’s Kitchen

Adding a gourmet kitchen is one of the most valuable luxury home additions you can choose, and it’s generally cost-effective, depending on whether you go for a small expansion or a larger one that requires a foundation. When you want a larger kitchen but would prefer not to add a whole other room to your home, the CGU Homes team may be able to “bump out” from an existing exterior wall to create the much-needed extra space. The features of your new kitchen might include top-of-the-line appliances, double islands, over-the-stove pot fillers, and even a brick pizza oven.

Add a Luxury Spa Bathroom

Is your current bathroom a sanctuary of relaxation? If not, why not indulge in luxury by creating a home spa that will become your daily oasis. Natural rock and stone, glass block, tile, and floor-to-ceiling window walls will give you the soothing feeling of being part of nature. A luxury tub will allow you to recline in comfort. Also, consider a walk-in shower, sauna, steam room, and other spa amenities like a massage table or bench.

Add a Home Theater

Does your family love to watch movies? Adding a theater to your home may be an excellent investment for your family and guests. It can be as large as you wish and incorporate a video wall, advanced sound system, and reclining seats, just like a professional theater. Add a snack bar and vintage popcorn machine to complete the experience.

Add a Ground Floor Master Suite

As you near retirement age, consider preparing your home for the lifestyle changes that will undoubtedly follow. In most homes, you will find all bedrooms, including the master, on the second floor. Older adults may no longer be capable of navigating stairs, so relocating the main sleeping quarters to the first floor will improve their mobility.Include a beautiful bathroom and walk-in closets and add a garden patio to one side.

Add a Guest House

Consider adding fully functional living space on your property if you have frequent guests, aging parents, or boomerang kids. The main living necessities – bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living space – will provide a comfortable, private living space.

CGU Homes specializes in custom luxury homes, high-end remodeling, and room additions in Naples, FL. If you are ready to make your dream home a reality, our contractors offer everything you need to complete the journey. Contact us at (239) 963-7995 for a consultation and explore the possibilities.