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Pelican Bay Luxury Condo RemodelingWe have built and remodeled homes and luxury condominiums in Southwest Florida’s finest communities since 2011, examining and evaluating every detail to meet the unique lifestyles and demands of every customer. We have a reputation for quality because our craftsmen use the best methods and highest quality materials in each home.

CGU Homes offers luxury condominium remodeling and renovations in Southwest Florida’s most exclusive buildings, from kitchens and bathrooms to whole-unit and combined-unit renovations, and has established excellent relationships with many condo associations and management companies.

About Condo Remodeling

When you need more space in your single-family home, you can add on. If you don’t like the placement of an electrical outlet or location of a bathroom shower, you can move it. When you want more light inside your home, you can say, “I would like a window there.” These options are not typically available in a condo renovation.

Remodeling condos can be exciting, but the projects present unique challenges. Because condo units share walls and floors with neighbors, remodeling requires consideration of the structural integrity of the building as a whole and other factors such as the use of building elevators during construction and HOA and Federal regulatory compliance. Examine your HOA’s condo remodeling rules to see what is permissible.

In most cases, interior walls can be moved or removed as long as our engineers determine that they are not load-bearing walls. But you will find that the plumbing, electric, and heating infrastructure in your building may be fixed, particularly in an older building. There may also be strict requirements about replacing floors in a high-rise due to insulation and sound absorption. Wonderful things can happen, however, with the right construction team.

If you are looking for a more open floor plan, our experts can help you maximize your square footage and incorporate the latest trends and ideas in room design, energy efficiency, and space utilization.

Without professional help from CGU Homes, costly mistakes could occur with your project. Our team has extensive experience with high-rise construction and can help you transform your condo into a beautiful, efficient, and functional space. We will work with you to incorporate the latest trends in room design, energy efficiency, and space utilization and provide you with creative solutions to help you create your perfect living space.

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