Thinking about hiring a luxury home remodeling contractor for a project in Siesta Key, FL? Let CGU Homes make your home feel like new with custom remodeling. We plan, engineer, and build or remodel spectacular homes from start to finish.

Luxury Remodeling Contractor in Siesta Key, FL

CGU Homes is the residential construction arm of Connor & Gaskins Unlimited. We are a Florida-licensed general contracting company that has built and remodeled homes and condominiums in Southwest Florida’s finest communities since 2011. CGU Homes has the experience, people, and resources to take your concept to completion with confidence and satisfaction.

We were honored to be chosen in 2021 for three Sand Dollar Awards from the Collier Building Industry Association (CBIA) for:

  • Naples Private Residence: Product Design of the Year for a Single-Family Home in the range of $1,000,001 – $1,500,000.
  • Bonita Bay Bathroom Renovation: Space Renovation for a Single-Family Home under $100,000.
  • Royal Harbor Renovation: Space Renovation for a Single-Family Home in the range of $400,001 – $600,000.

Tips For Navigating Your Remodeling Project

The news is filled with stories of supply chain disruptions, cost increases, and labor shortages. We understand our clients want to start on home renovations that will make their living spaces fresh and flexible. Here are a few ways CGU Homes is helping them navigate their projects.

Plan ahead: As soon as the plans have been drawn for your renovation, order your fixtures and materials. We have experienced delays from many different types of vendors – appliances, cabinets, windows, doors, engineered lumber, paint, tile, and more. During CGU Homes’ project planning phase, our team will help you make decisions and evaluate alternatives that may be more readily available.

Be flexible: Some parts of your project must be completed in a particular sequence. However, if we know in advance that a component of your remodel has been delayed, we can work with our skilled subcontractors to adjust the flow of work while waiting for the vendor to deliver. For example, instead of stopping work completely to wait for your kitchen cabinets to arrive, we can focus on another part of the project.

Get creative: While remodeling a client’s kitchen last fall, our team encountered a problem when the oven/range and refrigerator were delayed. Getting the family back in the home for their Thanksgiving holidays was essential, so we solved the problem by sourcing rental appliances to put in place until their first choices arrived. The holiday celebration proceeded as planned.

Divide the project into phases. If the cost of your remodeling project has ballooned by the time the paperwork is done and work is ready to start, consider spreading out the costs by completing more extensive renovations in phases. If, for example, you plan to add a second story to your home, the infrastructure could be done up front with rough plumbing and first-floor walls reinforced to support an expansion later.

If you are looking for a luxury remodeling contractor in Siesta Key, Florida, that offers residential remodeling services, CGU Homes can present you with a nearly endless list of custom, high-end options. Call us at (239) 963-7995, or contact us online to get started!