Have you been thinking about remodeling your luxury home in Naples, FL? Would building a new custom home be a better option in the long run? As a luxury builder and remodeling contractor, CGU Homes can help you weigh whether making renovations or starting from the ground up will help you achieve the home you want.

Luxury Remodeling Contractor in Naples, FL

CGU Homes specializes in custom home building and remodeling in communities from Port Royal to Bonita Bay. As the residential construction branch of Connor & Gaskins Unlimited, we offer a combined 70+ years of experience in high-end building in the Naples area. No job is too small or too large for our team.

We help clients with the planning and construction of projects such as:

  • Remodeling kitchens and bathrooms
  • Updating outdoor living areas
  • Adding outdoor water and fire features
  • Installing roll-down screens and shutters to enclose seating areas under the roof
  • Adding, redesigning, or refinishing swimming pools
  • Room additions
  • Guest house additions
  • Second story expansions
  • Window and door upgrades
  • Full-house renovations

Should You Remodel or Build New?

If you are trying to decide whether to renovate your home or build a new one, here are the top five factors to consider.

  1. Your Budget: Depending on what you have in mind, it may be less expensive to remodel your home than to build a new one. Other times, a new custom home could be more cost-effective. Consider your budget and what you want in your home. Then sit down with the CGU Homes team and discuss the options.
  2. Location: If your current home is in a location you love, you may want to stay and remodel. You may, however, want different surroundings that better fit your family’s lifestyle. Building a new home may be the better choice if this is your situation. But research neighborhoods carefully to be sure your family will be happy there for many years.
  3. Home Value and Age: If you love your home and its location but want to increase your property value, a renovation could be the right choice. It can turn back the clock on the age of your home and increase its value in case you want to sell it later.
  4. Adding Technology: If you want a Smart Home, some homes can be renovated to upgrade the required technology, while others cannot. If the high-tech you want won’t integrate well with your home, you may need to consider building from the ground up.
  5. Building Codes and Ordinances: Many communities have building codes and restrictions. They typically cover new construction, but some also apply to home renovations. CGU Homes will take care of permitting and walk you through limitations we find, such as lot lines, height restrictions, etc., that may apply to your renovation or new custom home.

We strive to create value for our clients through quality design, professional craftsmanship, eco-friendly construction, and more. We work directly with clients to ensure every detail is carefully planned and constructed whether they choose to remodel or build new.

CGU Homes is a leading luxury builder and remodeling contractor in Naples, FL. Our team can help you get the most out of your home, transforming it into a truly, beautiful space. Contact us at (239) 963-7995, or contact us online to get started!