As experienced luxury home builders in Naples, Florida, CGU Homes’ goal is to achieve the best outcome for a project everyone can be proud of. Working with trusted and experienced home builders like us will guarantee your satisfaction at the end of the building project.

Luxury Home Builders in Naples, Florida

CGU Homes has built and remodeled homes and condominiums in Southwest Florida’s finest communities since 2011. We examine and evaluate every detail to meet the unique lifestyles and demands of every customer. We have a reputation for quality because our craftsmen use the best methods and highest quality materials in each individual home.

Our objective is to create value for our clients through quality design, professional craftsmanship, eco-friendly construction, and more. We collaborate with clients to thoroughly understand their requirements in order to achieve the best outcome for a project everyone can be proud of.

What is a Luxury Custom Home?

A custom home is a one-of-a-kind home that is designed specifically for you and for a particular location based on your desires and input. Luxury, on the other hand, can mean different things to different people. 

You will collaborate with an architect or designer to create a plan for a home that has never been built before, designing the size and layout of the rooms and selecting everything that goes into it, from the fixtures to the flooring.  The construction quality and the choices you make in technology and features add luxury to your custom home.

In general, luxury homes are those with the most coveted locations, whether atop a mountain, on the beach, or overlooking the sparkling lights of the city far below.

You may consider it a luxury to take advantage of Universal Design and build a home where you can age in place. These homes are designed to make a home safe and accessible for everyone, regardless of age, physical ability, or stature.

You may consider it a luxury to build a smart home fully wired with every high-tech gadget or to incorporate Green Building techniques in its design and construction to provide greater comfort and livability for your family and make you a more environmentally responsible citizen.

No matter what luxury means to you, CGU Homes will help you build the custom home of your dreams. Unlike some builders who divide their attention between dozens to hundreds of projects at any given time, CGU Homes focuses on five to ten jobs in which our team can stay actively involved, working directly with clients to ensure every detail is carefully planned and constructed.

If you evaluating the best home builders in Port Royal, Florida, look no further than CGU Homes. From gourmet kitchens to luxurious open living spaces, we will help you put your unique mark on every detail of your home. Get in touch with us at (239) 963-7995, or contact us online to learn more!