As experienced luxury custom home builders in Naples and Southwest Florida, CGU Homes’ mission is to achieve the best outcome for a project everyone can be proud of.

CGU Homes has been building and remodeling homes and condominiums in Southwest Florida’s finest communities since 2011. We are licensed general contractors in the state of Florida and the residential construction arm of Connor & Gaskins Unlimited. Our team offers a combined 70+ years of experience in high-end building in the Naples area.

Luxury Custom Home Builders in Naples, FloridaOur objective is to create value for our clients through quality design, professional craftsmanship, eco-friendly construction, and more. We collaborate with clients to thoroughly understand their requirements in order to live up to our motto, “Listen better. Plan better. Build better.”

Why Build a Custom Home?

It may take longer to build a new custom-built home than to buy an already-built home, but, when you consider the long-term advantages, you won’t be disappointed:

Choice: When you build a custom home, you will choose every feature you want in your home. Once you have decided on the community or neighborhood you want to live in, you will set budgets and timelines, select your design team, and work with the builder, architect, and skilled artisans to create your dream home.

Technology: If you buy a pre-owned home, you will usually have to spend additional money to update the home. New custom home construction, on the other hand, gives your family a “smart” home that incorporates the newest products and technology on the market, such as automated lighting systems, security systems you can control with your phone, remote control blinds, and much more!

Privacy: If privacy is at the top of your wish list, you may need more than an existing home can provide. With a custom design, you can control the orientation of the home on the lot, and your custom home builder can help you incorporate lush trees, privacy fences, and architectural features that enhance your property’s privacy.

The CGU Homes Difference

Homeowners partner with CGU Homes to build or remodel their homes because they know: 

  • We look at each home as a new challenge;
  • We collectively bring 70 years of home building experience to each home we build;
  • We are committed to providing clients with premium quality construction;
  • We have a solid network of subcontractors and craftsmen who produce high-quality work;
  • We continuously update our knowledge to bring the newest trends in design, materials, and craftsmanship to your project;
  • We are meticulous about the small details while keeping our eyes on the big picture;
  • We are committed to making the building experience a collaborative and enjoyable process for clients, architects, and interior designers;
  • We maintain great communication and have state-of-the-art construction management software to keep you informed 24/7;
  • We will keep your home on-budget and on-schedule;
  • We are known for proactively solving any construction issue that arises;
  • We build magnificent, high-performing homes that will last a lifetime.

As you evaluate luxury custom home builders in Naples, Florida, add CGU Homes to your list. We will go the extra mile to build the home you envision. Get in touch with us at (239) 963-7995, or contact us online to get started!