Avoid the stress of buying a new home and the associated costs. Home renovations at The Colony Golf and County Club in Bonita Springs, Florida, are always an easier option than selling your home and buying a new one. CGU Homes can help bring a new, fresh look to your property.

Home Renovations - The Colony Golf and Country Club, Bonita Springs, Florida

CGU Homes has built and renovated homes and luxury condominiums in Southwest Florida’s finest communities since 2011. We examine and evaluate every detail to meet each customer’s unique lifestyle and demands. 

We have a reputation for quality because our craftspeople and artisans use the best methods and highest quality materials in each home. We understand the process and procedures necessary to complete small or large-scale home renovations. Whether you have recently purchased an older home or live in a beautiful home that needs to be updated, CGU Homes can help you reconfigure or modernize it. 

Top Benefits of Home Renovation

Improve Your Home’s Functionality: Renovating your home enables you to customize it to make it more comfortable and enjoyable for your family. You may have underutilized space that could be used for other purposes, such as a home theater, wine cellar, or a dedicated home office. Working with CGU Homes professionals can help you narrow down the options and get the best results within your budget.

Boost Your Property Value:  This is one of the most apparent benefits of renovating your home. Upgrading the layout, the size, or the aesthetics will pay off while your family is still living in the house and when it’s time to sell. Discuss your plans with CGU Homes to develop the best possible approach.

Increase Living Space: Adding square footage to your home through a renovation can accentuate its beauty and comfort. More living space can give your family more privacy than your current home layout provides. Work with the CGU Homes team to create an addition that reflects the character of your neighborhood and works for your lifestyle.

Lower Energy Costs: By upgrading older appliances such as ovens, washing machines, and HVAC equipment that consume a lot of power to newer, energy-saving models, you can save on your utility bills. CGU Homes can suggest upgrades. 

We’ll Exceed Your Expectations

Our goal at CGU Homes is to ensure your renovation project flows smoothly from proposal to final handover without disrupting your family’s life. We are incredibly proud to have been involved in many building projects, the results of which can be seen in our project galleries and testimonials from delighted customers.

CGU Homes offers reliable and prompt home renovations in The Colony Golf and Country Club in Bonita Springs, Florida. Our services can help you turn your ideas into a beautiful reality and get the most from your home. Get in touch with us at (239) 963-7995 to explore the possibilities.