A condo in Bonita Bay, Bonita Springs, Florida, offers the elegance of an oceanfront setting and the convenience of maintenance-free living. As top condo remodelers, CGU Homes can provide you with creative solutions to upgrade your home and create your perfect space.

Condo Remodelers in Bonita Bay, Bonita SpringsAs a licensed general contractor in Florida, CGU Homes has completed luxury custom homes, home remodeling, and condominium renovation in communities from Port Royal to Bonita Bay. We are the residential construction arm of Connor & Gaskins Unlimited and offer a combined 70+ years of experience in high-end building in the Naples area.

Things to Know About Condo Remodeling

Remodeling a condo can be exciting, but it can also present unique challenges. Factors such as space limitations, the use of elevators in the building during construction, and compliance with regulations from the HOA to the Federal government are common with condo remodeling projects. They can take some planning and creativity.

When you need more space in your single-family home, you can simply add on. If you don’t like the location of an electrical outlet or bathroom shower, you can relocate it. When you want more light inside your home, you can point at a spot and say, “I would like a window there.” These options are not available in a condo renovation.

In most cases, interior walls can be moved or removed as long as our engineers determine that they are not load-bearing walls. But you will find that the plumbing, electric, and heating infrastructure in your building may be fixed, particularly in an older building. Wonderful things can happen, however, with the right construction team.

Kitchen and bathroom remodels are popular projects for condominiums. These upgrades will instantly increase your home’s value and make a huge difference in its appearance and functionality.

Top Luxury Trends for Kitchens

Smart kitchens: A “smart” kitchen has technology built into every feature and appliance. Faucets can be equipped with motion detectors. Perhaps you would like a refrigerator with cameras that allow you to see inside when you’re at the market but don’t remember if you need more milk? Your lighting system can also be upgraded so you can control all lights from your smartphone or tablet.

Hidden gadgets:  Do you want to see every device or appliance in your kitchen? Design ideas for concealing them include simple cabinets that can hide a dishwasher or refrigerator and hidden stations that prevent the can opener and toaster from cluttering up the counter.

Dining islands:  Kitchen islands and breakfast bars are great for casual dining, workspace, and storage. An island with a dining area will enable you to integrate both cooking and socializing.

Top Luxury Trends for Bathrooms

Here are a few things designers are doing to bring a feel of understated elegance to the bathroom:

  • Frameless glass shower enclosures
  • Rainfall showerheads
  • Soaking tubs
  • “Floating” vanities
  • Anti-fogging mirrors
  • Patterned tiles and pops of color
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Automatic sinks
  • Mini fridges
  • USB charging stations
  • Smart tech consoles to control lighting, AV, and temperature

If you are looking for the best condo remodelers in Bonita Bay, Bonita Springs, Florida, reach out to CGU Homes. We specialize in luxury remodeling and can help you design the condo you’ve always wanted. Call us at (239) 963-7995, or contact us online to get started!